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Why isn't my flight plan showing?



  • Liam Gardener

    i cant get my flight plan to load up ever iv tried and tried 

  • Jussn GER

    I can not see my flight plan either. No matter what I do it feels randomly sometimes it works and sometimes like right now I nearly have half my flight over and still no flightplan I changed some waypoints here and there but nothing. I also restarted my browser and the App aswell.

  • Jussn GER

    An update now the FPL loaded after 37 MINUTES!!!!!!! Finally

  • Stephen King

    This is a bug!!
    My flight shows "destination not set".

    I check other plans and EVERYONE is showing "destination not set"

    Are you having sync problems??

  • Microwave !

    It just destination not set if tried everything and it steel says destination not set 

  • Caffrey George

    Just can't load the Destination Airport even I finish my flight and download the KML file, it's just display "Not Set". So can you tell me how to make the plan in infinite flight or how to set somethings in liveflight.Thanks


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